Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

The Body of Matariki


“This full portrait represents Matariki in human form. Her facial tattoos and feathers express our relationship to our surroundings. The tooth designs which adorn the cloak are symbols of genealogy, lore of the natural world and stories passed down through generations. The overall body in this form is a vessel or a storage place from the gathering of knowledge. The diamond shapes on each side represent female fertility (life giver) and the four flower shapes in each corner are the four winds, which is the connection of our peoples through the Trade Winds.”

Victor Lee Ta Paa

Victor Lee Te Paa

Victor Lee Te Paa


Ngā Puhi, Tūwharetoa, Tongan

(1975- )

“Art is my voice, it allows me to speak and express myself in ways that sometimes words cannot.”