Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

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What is important for me as a Maori artist is the potential for marks to generate notions of space both within and outside of the physical reality of the painted field. For me, marks are the binder of concepts. Marks can impart notions of a Maori continuum and negotiate the cultural complexities that define diverse Maori realities. Maori notions of time offer interconnections that parallel the interface between positive and negative space. Within these works positive space is referenced not only in three-dimensional form but also in two-dimensional form as marks and passages of colour. Naturally, each element is inter-dependent on and relative to the other, and one’s perception, like time, can be subject to reinterpretation.

Saffronn Te Ratana


Ngāi Tūhoe

(1975- )

Saffronn Te Ratana is an exceptional graduate of Massey Universities Maori Visual Arts Programme. At age twenty six she has already achieved extensive recognition, highly acclaimed for her energetic, confident use of movement and the “gleaming impasto” of her paintings.