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Kauāe Runga Kauāe Raro • February Moon: Keeper of Knowledge


  • Medium: pounamu (New Zealand jade), bronze inlay, onewa (greywacke) base
  • Size: 8 × 5.5 × 4 inches (incl. base)
  • Reference Code: KLX100401


Knowledge was stored in three baskets in the realm of the heavens. In one basket was tapu, sacred elements that were passed from the gods, like karakia (incantation) and whakapapa (genealogy). The second basket held ideals, like aroha (love) and maanaki (caring) for one another. The third basket contained skills that were either taught or could be learnt. The path to this knowledge was achieved by a stairway or a path to the heavens, which are now depicted in tukutuku (decorative reed panels in a meeting house). The sculpture honours the moko kauae (female facial tattoo).

Lewis Tamihana Gardiner

Lewis Tamihana Gardiner


Te Arawa, Ngāti Awa, Whanau a Apanui, Ngāi Tahu

(1972- )

Lewis Gardiner is regarded as one of the most innovative and respected Māori jade artists of his generation. In 1994, he graduated in Māori Craft and Design at the Waiariki Institute of Technology in Rotorua. During his final year he was introduced to the valuable medium of pounamu (jade) and was immediately attracted to its artistic possibilities. Māori had always valued pounamu for both its hardness and for its translucent beauty. Lewis was no different — as he says, “Our tupuna (ancestors) have given us, the Māori people, the resource and knowledge base to provide a reference for us and our children for years to come.”

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