Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Miniature Raven Rattle


The raven rattle is carved with the idea of following the strict flowing formlines of the ancient master pieces. This piece is more than what you see as a raven rattle in miniature. It is comprised of six mythic beings.

The main figure is Raven holding the box of light. Our Haida history tells us that Raven, the trickster, brought light to the world of darkness.

On the raven’s back sits flicker, who is sharing his knowledge with one of the Bear people. Flicker is an important character in Haida mythology and in this piece is also the tail of Raven.

On the raven’s belly, frog is emerging from the supernatural doorway seeking power from the Chief of the Undersea World.

The heart of the rattle holds the precious agates of Haida Gwaii. Sea, land, air and supernatural creatures are all represented on this rattle, giving it the power of all aspects of life. During these ceremonial occasions, the raven rattle, was carried with the raven inverted, so the Raven could not fly away when his power was called upon.

So powerful are these rattles, they were previously only used by Medicine Men and Chiefs.

Jordan Seward

Jordan Seward

Haida, Coast Salish (Squamish)

(1972- )

Jordon Seward is a Haida / Squamish artist that began carving at the age of 15. He learned Coast Salish design and the fundamentals of carving at a very early age from his Dad and Grandpa, Ted and Thomas Seward.