Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Kete Inspired Pendant


  • Medium: boxwood
  • Size: 1 × 1.75 inches
  • Reference Code: NZ60402

In this series I am exploring the idea of a carved kete form being metaphorical for a vessel/container of spiritual rather than physical elements. And how a taonga (treasure) contains essence of the source material, the maker and over time the wearer also. Also, talks of the complementary nature of the arts of weaving and carving.

Stacy Gordine

Stacy Gordine


Ngāti Porou

(1970- )

“I have been fortunate enough to have a supportive family and met many inspiring people in my life who have encouraged me to follow my talents and passion. My father, a woodcarver himself, imparted his knowledge of woodcraft plus provided a creative environment and stories of my great-uncles Pine and John Taiapa, who were Tohunga Whakairo. I have always respected and been inspired by the artistic achievements by indigenous artisans in Aotearoa and throughout the world.”