Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

“Sun Dogs Shifting” Basket Style Bowl


“I started with the bottom of the bowl. As I turned the foot, two circles appeared, reminding me of the winter prairie sun with it’s “sun dogs” riding on either side. These “sun dogs”, actually knots in the wood, appeared again on the inside of the bowl, slightly over from their original position. By the time they had emerged on the top of the bowl, they had shifted considerably — hence the name. Excited by the fusion of Celtic and Tlingit formline art, I wrapped the pattern around the knots, making them the centre of the eye shapes. The domed rosette on the bottom of the bowl was created to represent the shimmering patterns of the winter sun.”

Cheryl Samuel

Cheryl Samuel

Cheryl Samuel

Adopted Tlingit

(1944- )

Cheryl was born in Hawaii in 1944. She initially pursued a career in science, with an interest in fibre art and weaving. After marriage, children and a move to Seattle, she was attempting to solve a particular weaving problem when she attended a lecture given by Bill Holm at the Burke Museum in Seattle. There she saw the answer to her problem in a Northwest Coast Chilkat robe. She has been largely responsible for the revitalization of Ravenstail and Chilkat weaving by mastering lost techniques, teaching extensively, recreating and expanding the language of weaving, travelling internationally to study and document all historical robes (including fragments).