Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

“A Tribute to the Golden Spruce” (K’ild K’lyaas 1697-1997)


“Moved by the story in the book The Golden Spruce by John Vaillant, I turned a chalice in tribute to the life of this unique tree. The bowl holds its inner story, the white weaving, the beads and the bones tell of the mists and mystery that surround it. The Haida style hat, with its inner and outer rosettes, is a message of respect to the people who lived near and around it for centuries.”

Cheryl Samuel

Cheryl Samuel

Cheryl Samuel

Adopted Tlingit

(1944- )

Cheryl was born in Hawaii in 1944. She initially pursued a career in science, with an interest in fibre art and weaving. After marriage, children and a move to Seattle, she was attempting to solve a particular weaving problem when she attended a lecture given by Bill Holm at the Burke Museum in Seattle. There she saw the answer to her problem in a Northwest Coast Chilkat robe. She has been largely responsible for the revitalization of Ravenstail and Chilkat weaving by mastering lost techniques, teaching extensively, recreating and expanding the language of weaving, travelling internationally to study and document all historical robes (including fragments).