Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Feather Catcher Basket


Meghann O'Brien

Meghann O’Brien

Haida, Kwakwaka'wakw

(1982- )

I began weaving in the summer of 2007 while working on a commercial seine boat near Alert Bay, BC where I was born and raised. Our tie up man took me and his son Kyle into the woods to show us how to harvest the bark. I had a passion for the plants on our coast for a few years now, and can remember picking huckleberries during my childhood and still enjoy it today. One day I heard the way that the old people picked berries: into baskets that let their hands be free, because it was attached to a headband. The desire to make this style of basket was so strong that I created it without a teacher or book. I decided that the cedar would guide me, and share the gift it gave to our people when we first began weaving with it. It seemed that the bark wished to become a basket form again, because it came together so easily, like it wanted to carry some berries and to not sit on a shelf in a museum or gallery and admired, but to be used in a traditional way.