Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Angalkuq — The Shaman and the Loon


My grandfather told me this story of a very old grandmother and her very young grandson. Everyday they walked along the beach looking for food. One day the grandson saw a loon diving for food—it looked so easy for the loon and he told his grandmother, “I wish I could be a loon, they get food anytime that they need it.” The shaman heard this and decided to help the boy and his grandmother. He turned the grandson into a loon. We still sing a song about this story.

Earl Auralria Atchak

Earl Auralria Atchak

Earl Auralria Atchak

Yupik (Cup'ik)

Chevak, Alaska, USA

(1965- )

I believe in keeping my art true to the way of my ancestors and so I use their beliefs and tools and I collect all my material from the tundra around me.