Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Wasco Story Panel pipe


A young man is constantly being ridiculed by his Mother-in -law for being lazy. Secretly he plots and eventually captures the Wasco (Seawolf), a powerful creature that lives in an inland lake. He dons the Wasco skin and finds an underground tunnel that leads to the ocean. He finds that he is able to battle and capture large sea mammals, which he drags onto the beach at night and leaves in front of his Mother-in-law’s house. She believes that these gifts are a result of an increase in her powers, and uses this change in fortune to enhance her position and status within the village. After a powerful battle with a pod of killerwhales, the son-in-law lands exhausted on the beach with several whales and the villagers can see his human form in the eye of the Wasco. He is revealed as the true source of the wealth and his mother-in-law leaves the village in disgrace.

Christian White

Christian White


Raven Clan

(1962- )

Christian was born in Queen Charlotte City and raised in Old Masset, Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia). He is from the Dadens Yahgu’7laanaas Raven Clan and his Haida name is Kilthguulans (Voice of Gold). He started carving argillite at the age of fourteen under the direction of his father, Morris White. He studied the work of the great masters and especially of his great-great-grandfather Charles Edenshaw. A self-supporting artist since the age of seventeen, Christian shows an advanced knowledge of Haida forms and an emerging personal style based on narrative story telling and strong use of inlays of various materials, even in his earlier pieces.