Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Eagle Hooking Salmon


A young man is set adrift on the ocean by an uncle, who wishes to usurp his hereditary position. He arrives at a distant land, which is the sky kingdom, and he is taken in by the Eagle People. The Chief of the Eagles gifts him with the skin of a young eagle, which he dons and is then able to fly out over the ocean. He captures many sea creatures that he takes back to his Eagle village. One day, he tries to capture a creature that he has been told not to hunt, and he is pulled under. Eagle after Eagle attempts to save him each only to be pulled in turn under the water. Finally, the chief of the Eagles dons his tattered old Eagle cloak and rescues all of the Eagles. The young man becomes lonely for his home village and is directed home by his adopted chief. He spots his uncle and swoops down and picks him up and carries him out to sea and lets him drop. He returns to live in his home village and becomes chief.

Christian White

Christian White


Raven Clan

(1962- )

Christian was born in Queen Charlotte City and raised in Old Masset, Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia). He is from the Dadens Yahgu’7laanaas Raven Clan and his Haida name is Kilthguulans (Voice of Gold). He started carving argillite at the age of fourteen under the direction of his father, Morris White. He studied the work of the great masters and especially of his great-great-grandfather Charles Edenshaw. A self-supporting artist since the age of seventeen, Christian shows an advanced knowledge of Haida forms and an emerging personal style based on narrative story telling and strong use of inlays of various materials, even in his earlier pieces.