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Raven Stealing the Moon (1977)


  • Medium: serigraph
  • Size: 30 × 17 inches
  • Edition: 75
  • Reference Code: RD1977-01


After Raven created the world he knew of a man who owned the sun, moon, and stars. He went to see the chief to try to obtain them to bring light. The chief wasn’t too willing to part with his possessions. So Raven schemed a way to get them. He saw the chief had a daughter. When the daughter went for water, Raven changed himself into a pine cone needle and floated down the stream into the daughter’s container. The daughter not seeing the needle swallowed it.Time passed and she became pregnant and gave birth to a healthy boy. The boy grew quite fast. When he started to talk he begged to play with the moon. The chief gave in and gave the moon to his grandson. The grandson was happy with his new toy. Raven in his human form took off when the time was right with the moon and placed it where it is now. He flew back to try for the sun and stars. The chief hid his prized possessions in wooden boxes, so Raven couldn’t find them.Then Raven started to work on his grandfather for the sun. This time the chief was quite miffed since Raven lost the moon. Raven had a hard time persuading the chief to give him the sun. Finally the chief gave in but this time he decided to watch Raven while he was playing with it. But Raven was too sneaky and he flew in Raven form with the sun and placed it in the sky where it is situated to this day.

After placing the sun, Raven flew back to the chief’s place. Chief was mad and had nothing to do with his grandson. So Raven had to search for the last source of light for his world. He eventually found it and placed the stars in the sky. That is how Raven brought light to this world.

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Robert Davidson is one of the most decorated Canadian artists today. He has received such prestigious awards as the Order of Canada, the Order of British Columbia, and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Canadian Aboriginal Achievement Foundation, and was elected to the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts.

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