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Brown Goshawk and Prey


A large, fierce, strong bird, the Brown Goshawk has a distinctive striped underside, which makes it easily identifiable. Living in trees, the Brown Goshawk preys on small animals and birds.

Once common on Norfolk Island, the Brown Goshawk became extinct there about 1800 AD due to overhunting by man. It still survives however on a number of Pacific Islands. The existence of the Brown Goshawk in the New Zealand archipelago was confirmed only fifty years ago with the discovery of fossil bones and skin of a solitary bird.

Rex Homan

Rex Homan


Te Rarawa, Ngāti Paoa, Te Ātiawa

(1940- )

Rex Homan was born 1940 in Thames, New Zealand of Māori, Irish and Scottish ancestry. He lived in Auckland in his early years before moving to the Bay of Plenty. Rex has earned international recognition as a wood sculptor in the 1960s and 1970s and began working in bronze in the 1980s. His current work is influenced by the culture of the Pacific and displays uniqueness in its diversity of form and dramatic flow of lines. Rex has exhibited in solo, group and jury shows. He has won several national awards for “National Wood Skills” and is represented in corporate and private collections worldwide.