Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Soul Catcher


  • Medium: glass (blown and sand-carved), pounamu (New Zealand jade), cedar rope, pāua (New Zealand abalone)
  • Size: 25.5 × 8.5 × 2.5 inches
  • Reference Code: PL70910

This is the traditional form of a powerful shaman’s amulet used as a healing implement. Traditionally carved from bear bone, the clear glass emulates this material as it ages — becoming more translucent. I have carved the soul catcher in a double-headed wolf design.

Preston Singletary

The inlays I have carved for the soul catcher are tiki and wheku. Tiki represents first man, a reference to whakapapa (genealogy), the hongi (the breath of life) and the creation of mankind. Wheku represents the underworld — a face of deceased ancestors and the physical passing to the spirit world. Tiki and wheku are the balance between these two realms.

Lewis Gardiner

Preston Singletary / Lewis Gardiner

Preston Singletary / Lewis Gardiner

Collaboration for the Fire & Water: Pacific Visions in Glass and Jade exhibition, 2007.

Collaborations between great artists are historically rare, despite frequent attempts and enthusiastic interest to bring technical skills and artistic chemistry together. In the end, it often seems that personal careers, distance, and other issues make these projects too difficult to realize. What makes this particular collaboration even more remarkable is that the two artists are geographically in different hemispheres — almost at polar opposites of the world.