Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Manu Tawhito • Ancient Birds: Poly


“Bird skull form, based on an ancient giant flightless bird called Moa that lived in Aotearoa over a thousand years ago. Although extinct now they are still an awesome reminder of an ancient past of which our ancestors shared.”

Gordon Toi Hatfield

Gordon Toi Hatfield


Ngā Puhi

(1964- )

Gordon graduated in 1983 from the New Zealand Māori Arts and Crafts Institute in Rotorua, winning the Sir Henry Kalliher Student of Honour Award for his talents. In the mid-1990s he earned Top Warrior status after a long training in Māori disciplines, and he is a role model for Māori youth through his support of rehabilitation projects at schools. A noted woodcarver who designed and carved traditional meeting houses, including the Auckland University meeting house Tane-nui-a-rangi, he is most known as a ta moko artist.