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Todd Couper: Māori Weapons of War

Todd Couper: Māori Weapons of War

Māori Solo Exhibition

February 11 - March 11, 2006

This is a collection of six weapons used by the Maori in battle and ceremonies. These weapons, whether a club or staff, when wielded by a skilled hands of the Maori could dispatch an opponent in a single blow. Confrontations were often swift.

In Maori history warfare played a significant part and therefore these weapons with time would become treasures. Each weapon commands great respect and would often acquire their own names with whakapapa (genealogy) and mana (prestige) as passed down through the generations. Such important weapons would also be personified as specific animals taking on their fighting characteristics and maintaining the connection to the natural world.

This series of weapons I have chosen to align each individual piece with a different fish. Fish were often used to describe the weapons because of their fluid but swift movements.

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Viewing 1-6 of 6


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Current Exhibition

Keewatin Women In Stone - Lucy Tasseor Tutsweetuk

Keewatin Women In Stone - Lucy Tasseor Tutsweetuk

March 14 - April 4, 2015

'Keewatin Women in Stone' celebrates the lives of two very different Nunavut artists from the Keewatin region north-west of the Hudsons Bay. Camille Iquilq (1963-2005) and Lucy Tasseor Tutsweetok (1934-2012) are representative of two generations and very different upbringings. Lucy was born on the land and experienced the nomadic and traditional way of life before settling in Arviat, whereas Camille was born and raised within the relative comfort of the community of Baker Lake. The collection is a selection of at least 30 stone sculptures from each artist, with pieces ranging from the early 1990s forward. The exhibition contrasts their individual styles yet highlights the same shared values with relationships and the strong bonds within the family.

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