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All Good Things...

All Good Things…

A letter to our Friends & Family

Dear Friends and Family of Spirit Wrestler Gallery

After 24 years, the Spirit Wrestler Gallery is announcing we will permanently close our doors in October. The Spirits have been wrestled and it is now time to rest, travel and pursue our personal interests. The final day of business will be 15th October, with our doors permanently closing October 31st.

The Spirit Wrestler team has been together for 34 years – we started as colleagues, becoming friends and ultimately creating a partnership in this gallery. Over the years, many artists and clients have become our extended family and good friends. This has been a blessing, as we feel the artworks we have represented are like our children and our quest has always been to find good homes for each of them!

As in life, the gallery has a beginning, middle and an end. Many of you have been with us from the beginning and it has been a pleasure sharing this incredible journey with you.

Three years ago, as with so many businesses in Gastown faced with escalating rents, we had to make a decision to move or close. We opted to move because we still had fuel in our tank and we felt the gallery wasn’t ready to close its doors quite yet. This turned out to be a wise and successful decision. We became a destination gallery which allowed us to conclude many important projects and exhibitions, as well as fulfilling outstanding commitments to some very special artists and clients.

It is three years later and we’ve had a good run. The need to renew the lease along with no transition plan in place prompted our decision to close. Over the past six months, we thought the possibility existed to find the right individual(s) for a gallery transition. We hoped for someone with business acumen, tech skills and youth along with the all-important passion for the arts to carry the business into the future. This did not materialize. We accept that Spirit Wrestler Gallery has a steep learning curve and it would be a challenge for anyone to just take on. We have had the time to prepare for this reality and we are happy and comfortable with the decision. There is life beyond the gallery and we are ready to embrace the future.

We sincerely thank you for your trust and encouragement in allowing us to discover and introduce new artists and cultures into the gallery and into your lives. We are proud of these achievements and we could not have succeeded in hosting memorable landmark exhibitions without your incredible support.

Thank you to everyone for sharing our passion, the thousands of wonderful experiences, and the great privilege we have had in knowing you.

Derek, Nigel & Gary

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