Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Sockeye Salmon


Found in the waters of Canada and Alaska and also several states of the USA, the Sockeye Salmon is one of the smaller of the North Pacific salmon species.

Growing up to three feet in length and fifteen pounds in weight, the Sockeye with its red or pink flesh in adulthood, is a favoured edible species due to its succulence and textured flavour. The Sockeye spends its life in groups which can exceed many hundreds in number.

Able to live in both fresh and saltwater, it journeys from the sea to the upper reaches of rivers to spawn. After spawning most die. During this season skin colour changes from silver and blue to red and yellow green, and aggressive males develop humps on their backs which are used in fights with other males. Unlike other salmon species whose diet consists exclusively of fish and crustaceans, the Sockeye lives almost entirely on plankton.

Artist Comment: All artworks have been sculpted and recycled from recovered damaged fragments from trees felled scores of years ago, which escaped the saws of the timber mill. By way of storm and flood relics eventually came to rest on oceans foreshores and river banks near the sculptor’s homes”.

Rex Homan

Rex Homan


Te Rarawa, Ngāti Paoa, Te Ātiawa

(1940- )

Rex Homan was born 1940 in Thames, New Zealand of Māori, Irish and Scottish ancestry. He lived in Auckland in his early years before moving to the Bay of Plenty. Rex has earned international recognition as a wood sculptor in the 1960s and 1970s and began working in bronze in the 1980s. His current work is influenced by the culture of the Pacific and displays uniqueness in its diversity of form and dramatic flow of lines. Rex has exhibited in solo, group and jury shows. He has won several national awards for “National Wood Skills” and is represented in corporate and private collections worldwide.