Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Kākāriki - Red Crowned Parakeet

The Kākāriki is a long-tailed parrot with bright green plumage. It flies directly above the forest canopy accompanied by a loud chatter ‘ki-ki-ki-ki-ki’ sound. Depending on the season, they are often in small flocks and when feeding are either silent or babble.

Once common throughout New Zealand, the Kākāriki have now become rare after the introduction of feral cats, stoats and ship rats. Their numbers have also been affected by the destruction of forest habitat by human intervention. This forced the parakeet to seek alternative food sources like orchards and crops. Thousands of Kākāriki were shot by protective farmers.

Kākāriki can feast safely in the canopy on plant seeds, berries, shoots and flowers, but when feeding on the ground become susceptible to mammal predators. Kākāriki are now rare and only widespread on Stewart Island and predator-free island reserves.

Artist Comment: All artworks have been sculpted and recycled from recovered damaged fragments from trees felled scores of years ago, which escaped the saws of the timber mill. By way of storm and flood relics eventually came to rest on oceans foreshores and river banks near the sculptor’s homes”.