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Fins & Feathers

Fins & Feathers

From Sea to Sky - Rex Homan Exhibition

April 28 - May 19, 2018


Spirit Wrestler Gallery is very pleased to be able to present our third solo-show of new artworks by master Māori artist, Rex Homan. Since we were introduced to his sculpture in 2005, Rex deservedly has become a very successful artist for our gallery—and his artworks have become much sought after by our audience around the world. His artistic presence has become a pivotal stalwart in our representation of Māori art in North America.

His previous shows, Ngā Manu a Tāne - Birds of Tāne 2008 and Raven Dreaming 2012, were very successful exhibitions and incredibly memorable for his explorations into the spiritual world of birds to both Māori of Aotearoa and the First Nations People of the Pacific Northwest Coast of Canada. He also contributed to the success of Wero - Pacific Challenge 2014, in which he contributed 15 sculptures to support Todd Couper and Lewis Gardiner in a three Māori artist exhibition.

The genesis of this collection came about as Rex wanted to complete another exhibition to support the gallery in its new location, but did not want to have to commit two-three years in its production, as happened with his previous solo shows (Birds of Tāne with 50 sculptures and Raven Dreaming with 35 sculptures). The parameters had been to build an exhibition of 25 sculptures on a much smaller scale—that could be created over 18 months,which could afford the artist a more relaxed and less stressful schedule. Over the years, Rex has contributed many smaller pieces to all our Mini-Masterworks exhibitions, so we all know he excels in miniature works. We encouraged Rex to produce whatever he wanted and this exhibition is the result of his endeavours.

This is a wonderful collection of artworks that reflects Rex having fun, creating a wonderful cast of characters From Sea to Sky. His sculptures seem to appeal to everyone and it is noticeable that upon anyone viewing them cannot help but smile! Rex is a fisherman and ornithologist and his knowledge and interest in fish and birds is captured in the intimate poses and subtle details of these works. The joy in his creations is a reflection of the artist’s loving study of his subjects, which he has portrayed in his unique style—often minimal forms accentuated with delicate painting and inking designs. Many years ago before his artistic exploration of birds, Rex was well-known for his interpretations of fish carved in driftwood, so in some ways this is a déjà vu exhibition that has him reflecting on the past, incorporating finned critters with his feathered friends!

We truly hope Rex will keep carving for many more years as it is such a huge pleasure for us to exhibit and find homes for his sculptures—but if this is to be his last solo exhibition then we feel truly honoured to have the opportunity to represent Fins & Feathers. On behalf of Spirit Wrestler Gallery, we invite you to come and view and enjoy this remarkable collection.

Nigel Reading

Rex Holman


With the seemingly rapid approach of octogenarian years I frequently find myself reflecting on life experiences both good and bad. Thankfully either by effort or fate the good far outweighs the bad.

I find that many of my treasured memories revolve around the natural elements of water and air. Living for many years at or near the ocean provided me the opportunity to immerse myself in the ever-changing moods of the sea and the sky and to develop a fascination for the bird life and fish.

I am captivated by the beauty of birds: their shapes, colours, and postures, and of the fluid forms of fish. In my work I always attempt to capture these characteristics.

This, very likely my last solo exhibition, I dedicate it to my finned and feathered friends, which have influenced and helped me in my creative endeavours for over five decades.

My sincere thanks to the Spirit Wrestler Gallery for hosting my show. Their overwhelming support and integrity never ceases to amaze me.

My thanks also to the Coast Salish Nations including Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh, for once again honouring me by permitting my artwork to be displayed on their sacred traditional and unceded territory.

Rex Homan

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