Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Raven Looks Up


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Whāia e koe i te Iti Kahurangi, ki te tūohu koe, me maunga teitei.
Seek the treasure you value most dearly, if you bow your head let it be to a mountain. This particular whakatauki (proverb) is about seeking excellence and to pursue your goal without falter. Artists are the type of people to always push forward, never to be complacent about their own works - so to work in a collaboration is exciting new and different.
—Lewis Gardiner

Raven is the central figure in a lot of Northwest Coast stories. He is a cunning and intelligent bird who the Tlingit say, “sets things right”. The stories of Raven include metaphors for teaching the community about protocols, taboos, and guidance. Raven is a clever and resourceful bird and from them we have learnt creativity.
—Preston Singletary

Preston Singletary / Lewis Gardiner

Preston Singletary / Lewis Gardiner

Collaboration for the Fire & Water: Pacific Visions in Glass and Jade exhibition, 2007.

Collaborations between great artists are historically rare, despite frequent attempts and enthusiastic interest to bring technical skills and artistic chemistry together. In the end, it often seems that personal careers, distance, and other issues make these projects too difficult to realize. What makes this particular collaboration even more remarkable is that the two artists are geographically in different hemispheres — almost at polar opposites of the world.