Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)
Mini-Masterworks VI

Mini-Masterworks VI

Cross-cultural Group Exhibition

September 26 - October 17, 2015

The Spirit Wrestler Gallery is delighted to present to you the long awaited 6th installment of our Mini-Masterworks exhibition series. This exhibition represents an exciting collection of small scale art works from the Maori of Aotearoa (New Zealand), First Nations of the Pacific Northwest Coast, and Inuit of Alaska and Arctic Canada.

The Māori collection continues to be a surprise with so many inspired artworks being offered to us. This collection revolves around Lewis Gardiner, Roi Toia, Todd Couper and Rex Homan who have built an international audience through our gallery. We are honoured that masters like Darcy Nicholas, Sandy Adsett and Tina Wirihana continue to contribute to this collection, as well as having the opportunity to introduce new talented artists like Joel and Cori Marsters.

The Northwest Coast collection is a more difficult culture to curate as a majority of their art traditionally is of a larger format to be worn in dance performances or for utilitarian purposes. Besides jewelry and frontlets, their miniature pieces tend to be a smaller interpretations of a much larger artworks. In saying that we have managed to secure a small group of wonderful gems in varying mediums of wood, silver, spruce root and argillite by many renowned artists including Norman Tait, Shawn Hunt, Christian White and Isabel Rorick.

The Inuit collection is always an exciting prospect to assemble as the Inuit, traditionally a nomadic culture, excel in the miniature scale. This selection is a reflection of the past and present centered around Labrador artists, Billy Gauthier and Michael Massie. As in previous collections we continue to include a small Alaskan selection supported by master Aleutian jeweller, Denise Wallace. With each Inuit collection we try to provide a few surprises, this selection is no different with rare inclusions by Jessie Oonark and John Tiktak.

On behalf of all of us at Spirit Wrestler Gallery, we invite you to come and join us to view and enjoy this inspired collection.

—Nigel Reading

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