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Inuit Sculpture

of Canada and Alaska

“The early works were small and essentially narrative: illustrations of family life, often based upon the intimacy of living in the close quarters of igloos and tents; depictions of hunting on the land that reflected their deep respect and understanding for the animal world, recognizing them as companions, foes and equals; representations that offered insights into their spiritual beliefs, a complex and often dark world with fantastic beings. Above all, the fact that Inuit live in a harsh environment that they make easier with a well-developed sense of humour is immediately apparent in their work. Even today, it is rare to see an Inuit piece that does not have humour as a component. These features, as well as the honesty and directness of Inuit art, surprised and delighted a growing and enthusiastic audience that was curious about the North.”

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Current Exhibition

Wero: Pacific Challenge

Wero: Pacific Challenge

Sep 20 - Oct 11, 2014

Celebrating our 15th year representing Māori artists with an exhibition of artwork by Rex Homan, Lewis Gardiner, and Todd Couper.

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