Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Transforming Shaman (2003)


“This sculpture is of a shaman transforming into a wolverine. There are no wolverines in Cape Dorset, but I have seen them on TV. This is all from my imagination. The back of the body has a protruding spine of the wolverine becoming human. The spine is made of pieces of polished caribou antler that I have inlaid into the stone.”

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Ashivak Adla

Ashivak Adla


Cape Dorset, Nunavut Territory, Canada

(1977- )

Ashivak’s parents are Kumaarjuk and David Adla, and both of his grandfathers, Aoudla Pee and Kulai Adla, were well-known carvers. When Ashivak was eleven, he started working with Aoudla Pee’s carving tools. He says that he learned from watching Nuna Parr and his son, Jutani, as they worked on their bear sculptures, though at the time, Ashivak already was already fascinated by birdlife. He has been exhibiting since 1988. His brothers Etidloi and Mappaluk are also carvers.