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Duck Hatching From Egg


  • Medium: Steatite
  • Size: 3 × 5 × 3 inches
  • Reference Code: R180202


Johnny Kaigadlak Papigatok


Salluit, Quebec, Canada

(1941- )

Johnny Kaigadlak Papigatok comes from a family of sculptors. His parents are Markusi (deceased since 1971) and Mary Sanag Papigatok. His brothers are Adamie Kauchak, Willie Kulluajuk and Tayarak (lives in Cape Dorset). Johnny’s wife Jeanie Angutigiak (died in March 2014) was also a carver. He has very refined way of carving, often using the softer grey stone to be able to carve many different facial expressions and details. Johnny is a perfectionist and it wouldn’t be unusual to find even the underside of his sculptures well carved out. He likes to carve moments in the day to day lives of people as well as animals.

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