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Nina Bolton

Nina Bolton

Heiltsuk, Haida, Tsimshian (Wolf Clan)

Nina Bolton was born in Prince Rupert, BC, and raised in Terrace, BC. Her mother is from Bella Bella and the Heiltsuk Nation and her father is from Hartley Bay, but he is part Haida and Tsimshian. She is from the wolf clan.

Nina’s artwork consists of sketching, drawing painting and a bit of carving. She has recently painted on canvas and created designs of her own. She has been drawing and sketching since she was young and she has worked in many different media. She began drawing First Nations art when she was nine years old with the aid of her grandfather Bossy Bolton. Her desire for art advanced through her school years. In Caledonia, she enrolled in First Nations art courses in Grade 11 and12 where she realized that native art was her calling.

Nina has created many pieces including drawings for friends, mini button blankets and helping put together a button blanket for Thornhill Jr. School., as well as carving spoons, feathers, plaques, paddles, crest masks, masks, and bowls; all were made while attending Freda Deising School of Northwest Coast Art. Nina is proud to be First Nations and the work she creates is from the heart. There are no boundaries as to what her soul can create in her art.

My inspiration for First Nations art comes from my uncle, my grandfather and within my soul. I love all forms of First Nations art. I became interested in it at a young age, but it was rekindled in Grade 11 and 12. In my art I want people to see my dedication and believe that my artwork comes from my heart. I know my art work is done when I have perfected it. I want everything to be at its best when it is finished.

I am learning and will continue to learn until I have mastered First Nations art.

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