Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Anirnik Ragee


Cape Dorset, Nunavut Territory, Canada

(1935- )

Now in her late 60s, Anirnik is a newcomer to the Kinngait Studios, having responded to the open invitation extended by the management and staff of the lithography studio to come in and try something new. Initially unsure of her skill at drawing, it was suggested that she start by writing on the lithography stone. She created her abstract word puzzle entitled ‘Field of Verse’ (04-2), engaging the other artists working in the studio in an attempt to figure out the message hidden in her random words.

Anirnik was born in November, 1935, and was married to Quppapik Ragee (now deceased), who used to carve regularly to supplement the family income. She has several children; her sons Taraqtaga and Siutiapik, although not prolific, have shown some potential as young carvers.

There is currently no artwork on display for Anirnik Ragee. If you would like to inquire about this artist, then please contact the gallery.

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