Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Thomas Cannell

Coast Salish (Musqueam)

(1980- )

Thomas Cannell is a young Coast Salish artist who was born on Musqueam traditional territory in 1980. He has spent his whole life on the Musqueam Reserve in Vancouver, BC, and has been immersed in the long-established art and cultural traditions of his Musqueam ancestors.

Thomas has worked alongside his mother, Coast Salish artist Susan Point, spending many hours training and honing his skills as a carver and designer. Beginning his career as a young apprentice carver, he worked on many large-scale public artworks, beginning in 1995 with Flight, the 17-foot-diameter spindle whorl commissioned for the Vancouver International Airport. He has also trained alongside carver John Livingston, learning carving and chainsaw work.

Thomas has attended Langara College and Capilano University, studying many aspects of art, from art history to graphic design. He recently graduated with a Diploma in Tourism Management from Capilano University, reflecting his passion for the environment and his belief in the importance of eco-friendly tourism.

Thomas enjoys the challenge of every artistic medium that comes before him, but currently his primary interest is in working wood and perfecting his technique, as he finds every aspect of woodwork irresistible.

  • Awarded BC Creative Achievement Award for First Nations’ Art, 2014.

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