Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Keeleemeeoomee Samuelie


Cape Dorset, Nunavut Territory, Canada


Keeleemeeoomee was the sister of artists Anna Kingwatsiak (1911-1971), Tye Adla (1936-1990), and Iyola and Mikigak Kingwatsiak. She was the mother of the graphic artist Eliyakota Samualie (1939-1987), and the wife of Samuellie Tunnillie.

“I often laugh at my drawings because after being so difficult to draw, when they are finished, they always look so funny. I even laugh at them while I am making them…. My husband and I live with our daughter, Eliyakota and her family. Eliyakota started drawing before I did. I like her drawings better than mine; they are more realistic and properly drawn. Everybody was drawing, so I started too… The only picture I have drawn about the old days is one with people wearing sealskin clothing like we did then. Once in a while, the memories are so fresh in my mind when I think about how it was then when I was a little girl, about my father and mother, and what my mother used to make me for clothing. My husband and I have not gone out camping for many years now.”

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