Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Madeleine Isserkut Kringayark


Repulse Bay, Nunavut Territory, Canada


Madeleine’s husband, Nicholas Kringayark, and their daughters, Martha Ulliyak Milortok and Simona Kringayark, are all carvers. Her mother, Apollina Nobvak, was also a carver.

Canadian Inuit artist Madeleine Isserkut Kringayark was born on Southampton Island, Northwest Territories, in 1928. After she married in 1942, her family lived on the land, moving as far south as Chesterfield Inlet and finally settling in Repulse Bay.

Isserkut was among the first in her community to begin carving in the early 1950s. Her sculptures of hunting and domestic scenes, made up of finely detailed elements, often depict the regular and necessary interaction between the Inuit and the animals of the north. Usually carved from ivory or antler and arranged on a stone base, these tableaus serve as sculptural narratives, and are typical of Repulse Bay. In addition to her carving, Isserkut was also a talented jewelry artist.

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