Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Jordan Seward

Haida, Coast Salish (Squamish)

(1972- )

Jordon Seward is a Haida / Squamish artist that began carving at the age of 15. He learned Coast Salish design and the fundamentals of carving at a very early age from his Dad and Grandpa, Ted and Thomas Seward.

Simon Dick was a instrumental teacher for Jordon in his early twenties, teaching him how to create the elegant and refined masks of the northwest coast. Jordon has been a part of Simon Dick’s Atlkum dancers. He was also a singer, drummer and dancer in Robert Davidson’s Rainbow Creek dancers for many years. He is currently drummer and singer for Christian White’s Tluu Xaada Naay dancers from Old Massett, Haida Gwaii. His carving and singing ability has brought him to many places both nationally, internationally and abroad. His favorite performances are for his own people at the feasts and potlatches of the Haida and Squamish Nations.

Some of his carving demonstrations included the Burke Museum-Seattle, Canada Pavilion-Vancouver, Parliament Hill-Ottawa, Holm, Orkney Islands- Scotland. So far in his career he has created totem poles, masks, panels, rattles, pendants, paddles, bentwood boxes, miniatures and canoes. He uses various mediums such as wood, argillite and metals. His art has been in exhibitions and private collections, both nationally and internationally.

Jordon’s culture is extremely important to him. Some of his carvings have everyday use and some have sacred meaning and purpose but they all have a story or cultural significance. Jordon is not only a carver and singer but also is learning the Haida language, Xaad Kil, from master speaker/elder Stephen Brown. Jordon believes we, as Haida people, must learn from the fluent elders while they can teach and correct our attempts. Learning the language is just as important to him as learning the many languages of the art form.

Jordon’s innate artistic ability with the Haida art form may be from his ancestral roots of Edenshaw lineage. He is one of the descendants of the great Albert Edward Edenshaw and Charles Edenshaw, whom created some of the finest work known among the North Coast. He belongs to the Sta’stas Eagle clan of Kiusta, Haida Gwaii.

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