Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)
Te Rongo Kirkwood

Te Rongo Kirkwood

Māori (Ngāi Tai ki Tamaki, Wai o hua, Kawerau, Waikato)

(1973- )

I feel a strong connection to my cultural roots, particularly since returning from 12 years in the UK and Europe. Embracing my heritage the work reflects cultural influences and my interest in the awakening of consciousness.

I am a full-time artist, being essentially self-taught I endeavor through my work to express my love of pattern and form primarily through the use of negative spaces and the combining of opalescent and transparent glasses.

My glass work is kiln formed, created in my studio which is in a verdant, rural setting so typical of New Zealand offering space and a serene tranquility essential to my creative process.

My first introduction to glass was about 14 years ago in London, where I met Danny Lane a celebrated international glass sculptor. His work had a truly profound impact on me, I knew right then that at some point I would work with glass.

My work is mainly fused and slumped glass. I find this process enables me to realize my designs most of which are influenced by my Maori and New Zealand heritage combined with inspiration drawn from a sense of connection to the land, bush and sea.

It is my desire to create work that aside from the innate beauty of glass also reflects a sense of my emotion and spirit… my journey.

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