Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Ningeeuga Osuitok


Cape Dorset, Nunavut Territory, Canada


Ningeeuga was the daughter of Anernik, who produced many prints for the Dorset annual collections. Born at Amadjuak Camp, the family moved closer to Cape Dorset when the Hudson Bay post at Amadjuak had closed down. In 1960, Ningeeuga’s ill health brought her family to Cape Dorset, and by 1961 tuberculosis had sent her to Hamilton for treatment. She stayed in the South for three years, but did not begin to draw until returning home to Cape Dorset.

“Ningeeuga draws inspiration for the subject matter of her images from her imagination and from her experience living on the land in the traditional Inuit culture. She developed a distinctive personal style with strong curvilinear forms in her representations of Inuit women, children, birds, and imaginary creatures, and the design elements often take priority over representational accuracy. Rubber-legged children and dogs romp happily across her pages, and she often embellishes her simple line drawings with lines, balls, and circles enhancing their interest and design qualities.”

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