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Nowdla Aqpik


Kimmirut, Nunavut Territory, Canada

(1961- )

Nowdla is the son of Lake Harbour artists Simeonie and Patsau Aqpik.

Nowdla learned how to carve by watching his father, Simeonie, and he also acquired his father’s perfectionism. It is said that his falcons are so realistic and detailed that one feels the need for a birdcage so they won’t fly away.

In 2003, Nowdla took a lapidary course from Mark Webber in Kimmirut, to learn how to “cab” local stones. He also prospects and, with his brother Seemeega, recently discovered and staked claim to a sapphire deposit that is currently being worked by True North Gems Inc. The two brothers won Prospector of the Year awards for their discovery.

Regrettably, Nowdla’s productivity as a carver is very limited: he might make only one falcon per year.

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