Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)
Itee Pootoogook

Itee Pootoogook


Cape Dorset, Nunavut Territory, Canada


Working alongside his contemporaries, Itee’s focus has been the northern landscape. His print Two Seasons (2008) explores the changing seasons of the Arctic landscape in broad colour fields that evoke the interplay between land, sea, ice and sky.

Itee was born in 1951 in Cape Dorset. He is the son of Ishuhungitok and Paulassie Pootoogook.

Itee has been drawing and carving for several years but it is only recently that he has been actively involved in the Kinngait Studios. The first print edition of Itee’s work Looking South was released in the Spring, 2008 as part of the “Nine Works by Seven Artists” contemporary folio.

In 1972, he took part in a film animation workshop, and contributed to the production of “Animation from Cape Dorset.”

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