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Christopher Dobranski

Christopher Dobranski

(1969- )

I reside in Tahsis, West Coast Vancouver Island, and in Queen Charlotte, Haida Gwaii in the winter. I own and operate a Fishing charter service and eco-tours during the summer months. I am also a Laboratory and X-Ray Technologist taking time off to pursue my love of carving.

I have been carving for about ten years, but it wasn’t until moving to the Haida Gwaii that I truly started to respect and enjoy bringing a media to life. Working with Fred Watmough, my teacher, friend and carving partner. He installed in me the notion of every piece is a practice piece. Also every time I asked him when I thought something was finished, he would smile and say, “It’s nice but when are you going to finish it?” Those words have pushed me to improve and allow me to test the bounds of insanity by illusion and light.

I have worked in many media but by far Yew Wood allows me to bring the detail needed to give the piece life and also utilize the natural beauty of the wood. It’s challenging to create new pieces that are more outrageous than the last. I also like to install a functional aspect to my pieces whether it’s a walking stick, halibut harpoon, paddle or even a shovel. History has shown us that almost all cultures use to adorn their everyday items that they used to live with, like treasures. I like my pieces to be tactile, so not only does it utilize the optic senses to enjoy it, but also you can close your eyes and use the sense of touch with your fingers.

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