Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Tytosie Tunnillie


Cape Dorset, Nunavut Territory, Canada

(1974- )

Tytosie was born in Iqaluit Hospital, but has grown up in Cape Dorset. He started carving around the age of eleven (1985), but began carving seriously around 1993. He learned to carve by watching his late grandfather, Qabaroak, and his mother, Oviloo. “I used to watch my mother carving and I think I was inspired by her work. When she was finished roughing out the stone, I would sometimes help her with sanding.”* Although Tytosie admired his mother’s work, he wanted to develop his own individual style. He enjoys using his imagination to create transformation sculpture. Tytosie has worked with serpentine and marble, and likes to work with small to medium size stone.

Tytosie comes from a very artistic family. His grandparents, Qavaroak and Tayaraq Tunnillie, and his parents, Iola and Oviloo Tunnillie are all well-known and talented Cape Dorset sculptors.

*Interview with the artist, July 1996, Adamie Ashevak, INAC

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