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Andrew (Andy) Miki


Arviat, Nunavut Territory, Canada


“I’ve been carving animal-figures since I first started carving. The images come from my imagination and from my observations of real animals. Most of the time I know what I want to carve before I begin: I think out what I want to make. I don’t run out of ideas because I’m constantly thinking about what I’m going to carve next. If a carver began a carving without knowing what he would carve next, it wouldn’t make any sense.” (p.24-25)

Andy Miki was born near the Kazan River in the interior of the Keewatin in 1918. He and his wife [Mary] Kahootsuak lived and hunted with Owlijoot’s camp at Ennadai Lake until their move [due to starvation conditions] in 1959 to Eskimo Point. They soon move onto Rankin Inlet and later Whale Cove. They returned to Eskimo Point in 1969. (p.106)

Canadian author Farley Mowat mentions Miki in his books, People of the Deer and The Desperate People.

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