Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Claude Davidson



Claude Davidson was born in 1924 and lived most of his life in Masset on the Northern tip of Haida Gwaii. He was the chief of the village of Dadens on Langara Island. He began a career as a fisherman but began carving with the emerging Northwest Coast art market in the 1950’s. He is the father of acclaimed artists Robert Davidson and Reg Davidson and his encouragement was instrumental in their interest in the arts. When Robert first proposed carving and erecting the first totem pole in Masset in over 100 years, Claude oversaw many aspects of the project. He saw the need for more formal art training in the arts and offered numerous programs to instruct young artists. Many of the new generation of Haida artists accredit these programs with their understanding and interest in Haida art. He worked as a fulltime artist carving wood, precious metal and argillite until his death in 1991.

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