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Glen Rabena

Glen Rabena

Adopted Haida

Glen Rabena was born in Wapato, Washington. He began carving in Northwest Coast style in 1970. The following year he moved to Quesnel, BC. In 1975-76 he studied at the Kitanmax School of Northwest Art at K’san.

In 1978 he completed illustrations for “The Birds of K’san”, by Susan Marsden and the Gitskan Studies Advisory Group. These proved to be the foundation for his very popular series of bird serigraph prints. Though more illustrative than traditional, Glen’s ability to capture the spirit of his subject makes his prints much sought after by both Northwest Coast and wildlife collectors.

In 1986-87, Glen worked with Haida artist, Robert Davidson and his brother, Reg Davidson. Sculptural projects included various private commissions and the commission of the three totems (“Three Variations on the Killerwhale Myth”) for installation at the Pepsico International Sculpture Park in Purchase, New York.

Glen was adopted in to the Eagle Clan by Hereditary Chief, Claude Davidson, at a potlatch in Masset, Haida Gwaii, in November, 1987.

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