Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Joshua Sivuarapik Sheeg


Puvirnituq, Quebec, Canada

(1949- )

Joshua was born August 18, 1949 at Esusiovik campsite located roughly fifty miles outside Puvirnituq; at present he lives in Puvirnituq. The eldest son of Isah and Mary Sivuarapik, Joshua comes from a strong family of well-known carvers. He and his wife Annie Inukpuk (from nearby Inukjuak) have nine children, two of whom are adopted. Joshua completed his primary education at the local federal school. In 1968, he attended one year of Fine Arts studies at the University of Alaska, where he studied silversmithing, ceramics, drawings, photography and art history. He continued his studies in art at Sheridan College in Port Credit, Ontario.

Joshua’s first visit to the south came as a result of an invitation to demonstrate carving for two months at Expo ‘67. Several other trips followed as a result of his employment with the Povungnituk Cooperative, for which he has served as the General Manager. In recent years, Joshua has visited La Federation des Cooperatives du Nouveau-Quebec in Montreal and has continued to demonstrate carving in the south.

Joshua’s subject matter is vast in range, and includes narrative scenes of the hunt and traditional Inuit life; his specialty is birds, especially falcons. He has also assisted his wife by carving heads for her Inuit dolls. Whatever he chooses to carve, his diligence and technical proficiency is always made apparent by his acute attention to detail.

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