Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Lukasi Qinuajua


Akulivik, Quebec, Canada

(1946- )

Lukasi Passauralu Qinuajua was born September 5, 1946 in a small camp located between Inukjuak and Povungnituk. Commonly referred to as “Lucassie Ken” or “Lucassie Etuk,” this artist is the eldest son of a family of four children. When his father Samuili Nunga Qinuajua, who was a sculptor, died in 1963, Lukasi took up carving as a means of providing for his household. He is also a gifted musician who frequently plays the accordion at Povungnituk’s annual Christmas party and summer festivals. Still a bachelor, Lukasi currently resides with the family of his surviving brother Tumasi, who is also a carver. As with other Inuit artists, the two brothers continue to hunt together and derive much of their artistic inspiration from the surrounding wildlife. In Lukasi’s case, subject matter also includes frequent references to the “fantastic” or supernatural world.

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