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Ada Eyetoaq

Ada Eyetoaq


Baker Lake, Nunavut Territory, Canada

(1934- )

Baker Lake Inuit artist Ada Eyetoaq is best known for her roughly carved miniature soapstone sculptures of human figures, though she has also explored other artistic media. She has created a number of drawings for the Sanavik Cooperative’s print program and a few wool duffel and felt wall-hangings.

Her subject matter is generally inspired by her long years of experience living in the traditional Inuit hunting culture. She and her family were among the last to move into the settlement of Baker Lake from their traditional camp near Beverly Lake in the Keewatin District of the Central Arctic, and she initially turned to soapstone sculpture as a means of securing some income at a time when her family could no longer depend on hunting and trapping for their livelihood. Eyetoaq’s husband, James Kingilik, is also an artist and produces primarily soapstone sculpture.

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