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Mannumi Shaqu

Mannumi Shaqu


Cape Dorset, Nunavut Territory, Canada


“I was born in a winter camp near Dorset. I used to remember how old I was but I have a poor memory and have forgotten now. I know it was around the time Cape Dorset became a settlement. I was born in an igloo. My father was Towatuga and my mother was Karalooatoo… . When I was young I loved to follow my grandfather and the other men in the camp hunting. I don’t remember what it was like to hunt with spears and harpoons since most of the men had rifles. As a boy I was afraid of whiteman because I imagined they wanted to kidnap me… .

When I was a teenager I started to carve. At first I used to sit and etch many ivory tusks. I later carved stone. My family needed money or food so this is why I carved. I enjoy carving women out of hard dark stone best. For many years I have carved. I usually carve every day. I have no other job.”

—from an interview with the artist (date unknown)

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