Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)
Marius Kayotak

Marius Kayotak


Igloolik, Nunavut Territory, Canada


“Creating a carving from a piece of soapstone is very, very interesting to me. I take a look at a piece of rock that I’ve just found; start working on it; and, after a while, it finishes. I like to do several figures in one piece — that’s very interesting to me and it’s quite hard to do the inside. … I don’t use power tools, except to do a hand that is going to hold something. Then I drill. I like to make [a carving] by hand; if I use power tools it’s more somebody else’s than mine.”

Marius Kayotak, I Make My Living by Carving in Paper Stays Put 1980

wife: Yvonne Kayotak
children: Ross Kayotak, Heather Kayotak, Douglas Kayotak, Clara Kayotak; and the twins Alex and Ann.

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