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Simon Dick

Simon Dick


(1951- )

Simon Dick was born in 1951, in Alert Bay on the northern tip of Vancouver Island and raised in the nearby community of Kingcome Inlet. He is the grandson of hereditary chiefs from both sides of the family and he was taught the language, arts, and culture from an early age. He is now fluent in the Kwakwaka’wakw language which has enhanced his spiritual understanding of the art and culture.

Simon has been initiated into the Hamatsa Society which is the highest ranking Kwakwaka’wakw secret society. The Hamatsa society controls certain rights, and responsibilities that are both hereditary and earned through participation in dance rituals. The initiate is tested over many years before receiving full rights within the society.

Simon is among the most renowned dancers on the Northwest Coast and he has performed at many ceremonies throughout the Northwest Coast and around the world. His masks and ceremonial pieces with the understanding of how a piece should feel and look from a ceremonial perspective.

Simon has earned numerous names through participation in ceremonial events. He has been a Kwakwaka’wakw chief since 1983. He began his more advanced training in language, music and culture under the late Sam Henderson.

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