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Aisa Amittu

Aisa Amittu


Puvirnituq, Nunavut Territory, Canada

(1951- )

Aisa began to carve at the age of ten with his father, master-artist, Davidialuk Amittu. By the time he was twelve, he was producing his own sculptures based mostly on the ancient legends told to him by his father. For many years, his style was quite influenced by that of his father, but Aisa continued to gain strength and confidence in his work.

Aisa Amittu was born on September 6, 1951 in Povungnituk where he completed five years of formal education at the local federal school. Aisa has two brothers (including the artist Johnny Amittuk), and two sisters. Although he recently took up residence in Akulivik he maintains his ties with Povungnituk and especially with the Povungnituk carvers whom he frequently visits.

Aisa began to carve when he was about fourteen years old. He learned the various carving techniques by watching his father, the famous artist Davidialuk. Aisa favours traditional carving themes such as mythological creatures, Inuit legends, and scenes of the hunt. His carvings tend to be solid and heavy, and convey some sense of the original stone. Aisa’s adherence to highly representational depictions of the figure are reminiscent of the work of established Povungnituk sculptors such as his father and Juanisialu Irqumia.

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