Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Noah Echalook


Inukjuak, Quebec, Canada

(1946- )

“Noah Echalook was born on May 13, 1946 at a camp located on Elsie Island, seventy kilometres north of Inukjuak. He is the nephew of the well-known artist Lucassie Echalook, who encouraged him to carve as a youth. Noah is a quiet-spoken man who enjoys driving his snowmobile on excursions between the communities. Although stone carvings are his main artistic interest, Noah has also produced prints, which were included in the Arctic Quebec Print Collections of the early 1970s.

“Noah strives for a type of super-realism in is sculpture. He achieves this by slightly exaggerating and distorting both the body shapes and the facial features of his subjects, without sacrificing meticulous attention to detail. Generally, Noah’s figures have highly expressive mouths and elliptical eyes. He excels in his depictions of women engaged in various domestic activities, a theme that has become more prevalent in recent years. In his early work Noah tended to focus on small-scale renderings of fish, prowling bears, otters, geese and weasels. He is not content to abide by established formulae. The body of his work reveals that Noah is endowed with a deep sense of integrity that is tempered by an urge to experiment and mature as an artist.”

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