Spirit Wrestler Gallery (Vancouver, Canada)

Trevor Angus

Frog Clan

Hazelton, BC

(1970- )

Trevor Angus was born in Hazelton, BC on February 19, 1970. He belongs to the house of Wii Minoosik (Frog Clan), and has the name Tkasst.

Trevor became interested in Native art at a young age, and under the guidance of Victor Mowatt, carved his first wood plaque in grade four. In high school Trevor continued to carve with Mowatt, and then later, with Daniel Yunks, who convinced him to enroll at the Kitanmaax School of Northwest Coast Indian Art at Ksan.

In 1989, Trevor started at Kitanmaax School under teacher Vernon Stephens. His second, third and fourth years were under the instruction of Ken Mowatt. Trevor still works with both instructors today. Trevor’s favorite medium is wood, carving masks, panels, rattles, spoons, bent wood boxes, and lots of plaques.

In 1998, Trevor carved an archway for the Kispiox Junior Secondary School, which consisted of four 2-foor by 8-foot pieces.

In 1999, Trevor carved a 5-foot round panel for the Northwest Community College in Hazelton.

Trevor is currently enrolled in a five-year teacher-training program in Hazelton, which will be complete at UNBC in Prince George. He is hoping to hand down the skills he has learned to the younger kids in his community.

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