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Leonard Savage



Alaska Athabascan Indian. Born near the village of Holy Cross which is located about 300 miles northwest of Anchorage. Like many Alaska Native artists, Leonard is self-taught. He is an airplane pilot with 5 children and 8 grandchildren.

Fresh African Elephant Ivory is Illeagal. Fresh Alaska Walrus ivory is legal. There is much confusion with walrus ivory and elephant ivory. In 1970, Congress passed the Marine Mammal Protection Act which prohibited everyone except persons with Alaska Native blood to harvest and consume the Walrus. It also prohibited all persons except Alaska Natives from dealing and carving raw walrus tusks. Since that time there has been an increased in the Pacific Walrus population.

I am Alaska Native and allowed to purchase and carve walrus ivory. My ivory comes from the Eskimos who hunt and consume the meat. They live in very remote parts of Alaska where store goods are not readily available and a subsistence life is still practised. The ivory is sold for cash to allow them to buy gasoline and other goods that cannot be gathered from the wild. It is proven system that works well for both walrus and Eskimo who have hunted the walrus for centuries.

Unlike the elephant slaughter for only the tusks, the walrus meat is a necessity in the survival of these remote villages.

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